When Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Out in Public

Arnold Schwarzenegger, in full Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, (born July 30, 1947, Thal, near Graz, Austria), Austrian-born American bodybuilder, film actor, and politician who rose to fame through roles in blockbuster action movies and later served as governor of California (2003–11). In 2018, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s net worth is estimated to be $400 million.

Schwarzenegger was known as the Styrian Oak, or Austrian Oak, in the bodybuilding world, where he dwarfed his competition. He won his first amateur Mr. Universe title in 1967. After moving to California in 1968 to train and compete in bigger events in the United States, he won four more Mr. Universe titles and then the professional Mr. Olympia title six years in a row (1970–75) before retiring. He surprised the bodybuilding world by returning to competition one more time to claim the Mr. Universe title in 1980. Bodybuilding was the subject of several of his books, including the autobiographical Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder (1977; cowritten with Douglas Kent Hall) and The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding (1998; cowritten with Bill Dobbins).

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger pursued his childhood dream of acting in movies. In his first film, Hercules in New York (1970), Schwarzenegger played the lead, but another actor was used to dub his dialog. Schwarzenegger’s native charm and wit finally came through in the acclaimed documentary Pumping Iron (1977), which led to his starring role in Conan the Barbarian (1982). He became an international star with The Terminator (1984) and appeared in two of its sequels (1991, 2003). His other films include Predator (1987), Kindergarten Cop (1990), Total Recall (1990), True Lies (1994), and The 6th Day (2000).

Schwarzenegger became a U.S. citizen in 1983 and married reporter Maria Shriver in 1986. During the 1990s he became increasingly active in the Republican Party at both the state and national levels, and in 2003 he was elected governor of California in a recall election. In his initial years in office, Schwarzenegger pushed for a number of restrictive measures that proved unpopular, especially with organized labour. Nevertheless, he was reelected in 2006. He earned key legislative victories on issues relating to the environment, including a landmark act to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in California, and successfully advocated for ballot propositions to reform the state’s redistricting process and political-primary format.

The 70-year-old might never stop pumping iron.It’s going to take more than a bit of open heart surgery to bring down the Austrian Oak. Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly “doing much better” after his late-March procedure — a near-death experience that the 70-year-old bodybuilding icon responded to with a damn Terminator quote. But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised Schwarzenegger handled things like such a champ. The Predator star has stayed in fantastic shape decades after he was first crowned Mr. Olympia in 1970. Sure, it was a young Arnie that electrified the U.S. bodybuilding scene with his beachball-sized biceps and unique Pumping Iron charisma — who could forget his thoughts on “the pump”? — but it’s the fact that Schwarzenegger still crushes workouts well past his action movie heyday that inspires us to get into the gym every day.

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