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Whenever you watch MMA fighters or fat boxers who are clearly overweight – think Mark Hunt or Butterbean – you often wonder just how these guys are able to clearly beat the shit out of people that are way more jacked and tougher looking than them? I’ve always wondered how it was possible fat nasty and apparently out of shape MMA fighters could beat guys that obviously spent time in the gym working on their skills. Most of FAT MMA FIGHTER have devastating knock out power that they’ve used to finish most of their fights. Turns out that the exercises they dislike the most are the ones most likely to give them the best results. MMA coaches are using all types of interval training methods to burn fat while building match-specific endurance.

Most MMA Heavyweights are heavier than 265 lbs. So does that mean we should all be getting big, fat bellies if we want to improve our punching power? Probably not as being overweight not only has a negative effect on our health but hampers our endurance as well as limits our speed and mobility which are other important factors in fighting. Still, more research needs to be done on whether fat bellies really have an effect on punching power as technique and natural ability most likely play a bigger role but it is still an interesting theory. Here are the ten fattest dudes to compete in combat sports at a high level.

BUTTERBEAN (Eric Scott Esch). Butterbean started fighting on the Toughman scene where he put together a boxing record of 56–5 with 36 knockouts and managed to claim the title of World Toughman Heavyweight Champion five times. After that, he made his way over to K-1 and eventually PRIDE. His overall boxing record stands at an impressive 77–10–4. Butterbean’s MMA record is 17–10–1, where he was thrown in there against Genki Sudo for his first ever fight.

TEILA TULI. This former Sumo wrestler tried his hand at mixed martial arts at the very first UFC event, where the fight was stopped after he had one of his teeth kicked out of his mouth. He never stepped foot inside the cage again, but he did pursue a career in acting. You might recognize him from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He was unbeaten in his first 14 matches as a sumo wrestler.

AKEBONO (Chad Rowan). This former sumo wrestler and pro wrestler also had a stint in MMA and kickboxing, but neither of those went very well. He’s 0-4 in MMA, but in his defense he hasn’t had an easy path, being matched up with Don Frye and Royce Gracie among others. Things didn’t go much better in kickboxing, where he’s sporting a 1-8 record with his last three bouts being against Hong Man Choi.

ROY NELSON. The pound for pound for pound for pound for pound most surprisingly good fighter ever. He’s got rocks for hands, a chin of steel, and a heart of cholesterol. If you want to get on his level, check out his cardio tips.

EMMANUEL YARBOROUGH. Here’s another multi-sport sumo wrestler who tried his hand in other martial arts as well as American football. He’s got a background in wrestling (obviously), and judo. He made his MMA debut at UFC 3 and went on to fight at Shooto and PRIDE, amassing a record of 1-2 in mixed martial arts.

ZULUZINHO. He never made his way into the UFC, but allegedly racked up a 38-0 record in Vale Tudo over in Brazil but only 5 of those fights can be confirmed. None the less, his official MMA record is a respectable 11–8. He even managed to last 26 seconds against Fedor!

TANK ABBOTT. Tank is one of the founding fathers of MMA. His 10-15 record doesn’t look so hot, but he’s one of those guys who would fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. Got a last minute injury? Head to the local bar, you’ll probably see Tank there and he’ll definitely be willing to fill in. Just an old-school killer. They don’t make fighters like this anymore.

ALEXANDRU LUNGU. This Romanian judoka fights in the super heavyweight class. He’s competed in some of the world’s premiere MMA organizations including PRIDE and K-1. Unlike a lot of guys on this list, Lungu is still actively fighting, and had his most recent win on June 15th, 2015. His MMA record is 11-3 and his kickboxing record is 5-1.

SCOTT FERROZZO. Here’s another guy from the early days of UFC who just loves to scrap. He hung up the gloves after a loss to Vitor in 1997 during a HW tournament back when they used to let guys fight several times a night.

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