WWE Roman Reigns Wife and Family | Roman Reigns in Real Life 2022

Roman Reigns is half-Samoan and half-Italian. Both his father Sika, and his brother Rosey (1970–2017), were professional wrestlers. As a member of the Anoaʻi family, he is a cousin to former professional wrestlers Yokozuna (1966–2000), Rikishi, Umaga, who died on December 4, 2009, The Tonga Kid and first cousin once-removed to The Usos and The Rock (non-biological).]

Roman reigns married Galina Joelle Becker in early December 2014. The couple met in 2006 while they both studied at Georgia Institute of Technology. Galina gave birth to their first child, daughter Joelle in 2008. Joelle has appeared with her father in a public service announcement in June 2014. Galina later gave birth to twin boys in 2016, followed by another set of twins in 2020.

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, Anoaʻi majored in management.[6] He is a Roman Catholic and uses the sign of the cross every time he enters the ring.

Roman Reigns considers Bret Hart his wrestling idol

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