The Predator Cast: Then And Now

The Predator (1987) Cast Then And Now 2018
It has been almost 30 years since Arnie and friends had an extra-terrestrial rumble in the jungle in ‘Predator’. What has become of the cast since the murders in Val Verde?
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Dutch

He’s led a quiet life, has Arnie. Apart from the billion dollar movie career and stint as Governor in charge of the world’s 8th biggest economy, that is. Schwarzenegger made classic after classic in the 90s (‘Total Recall’! ‘Terminator 2’! ‘True Lies!’), then just as his star began to fade, he was elected Governator of California in 2003, a role which he filled for eight long years. Since returning to Hollywood he’s yet to return to his best – he is 68 years old, after all – but slower movies like ‘Maggie’ and ‘The Last Stand’ did show him in a new light. Next up are reprisals in ‘The Legend Of Conan’ (Yay!) and ‘Twins’ sequel ‘Triplets’ (Boo!), but don’t bank on another ‘Terminator’ movie any time soon after the lukewarm reception received by ‘Terminator Genisys’.
Carl Weathers – Dillon

Carl Weathers, thank the Lord, is still with us. Pushing too many pencils at the CIA gave him biceps to die for, but Weathers was soon on the wane. Star vehicles ‘Action Jackson’ and ‘Hurricane Smith’ didn’t take off, meaning Carl made his living from direct-to-video classics like ‘Sheriff Tom Vs The Zombies’ and ‘Assault On Death Mountain’. Playing himself in ‘Arrested Development’ gave him a chance to flex his comedic muscles, while he voiced his namesake, Combat Carl, in 2013 Pixar short ‘Toy Story Of Terror’. He won’t appear in forthcoming Rocky spin-off ‘Creed’ on account of his character being dead.
Jesse Ventura – Blaine

Known as ‘The Body’, Ventura was larger than life off screen just as he was on screen. Roles in ‘The Running Man’ and xxx followed ‘Predator’, a film in which he had a great rivalry with Arnie – the pair had a running contest to see who had the biggest biceps, which Schwarzenegger won after bribing Ventura’s costume fitter. Like Arnie, Ventura moved into politics and was elected Governor of Minnesota between 1993-2003. He hit headlines recently when Chris Kyle, subject of the Clint Eastwood biopic ‘American Sniper’, claimed he’d punched Ventura for making derogatory remarks about the military; Ventura claims he’d never even met him. His biopic was called ‘Ain’t Got Time To Bleed’, which is amazing.

Bill Duke – Mac
Shane Black – Hawkins
Hawkins was only a character in ‘Predator’ because Shane Black was needed on set to do constant rewrites, so it made sense to write him into the movie. He wasn’t much of an actor by his own admission – although he does appear in 2015 Sean Bean boxing drama ‘Any Day’ – so stuck with the screenwriting. Good choice. By the nineties, after scripts like ‘The Last Boy Scout’ and ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’, Black was the highest-paid and most in demand writer in Hollywood. An inexplicable nine year absence was followed by a triumphant return in the form of ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, which was then followed by billion-dollar blockbuster ‘Iron Man 3’. Black is rumoured to be attached to yet another ‘Predator’ reboot. Hawkins to return?
Elpidia Carrillo – Anna

The only female character in the original ‘Predator’ was actually the only character to return for 1990’s sequel ‘Predator 2’; Elpidia Carrillo shot a scene in the police station where survivor Anna recalled the events of the first movie, but it was deleted. Carrillo was cut from indie cloth pre-‘Predator’ (she received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Oliver Stone’s ‘Salvador’) and she returned to independent film post-‘Predator’, in the US and her native Mexico, where she starred in Guillermo del Toro’s award-winning show ‘Un Embrujo’. Carrillo’s career was put on hold while she had children, but she returned to TV recently with a recurring role in ABC’s enjoyably trashy country

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